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8m3 Concrete Mixers

Truck Mounted Mixers
Double logarithmic variable pitch helical mixer blade for higher charing and discharging speed. Eliminating segregation of concrete suitable for transportation of both dry and wet materials.
New T-shape blade technology. Hard-wearing alloy steel, protecting mixer blades from abrasion. Extends service life of the agitator drum and enhances mixing performance.
More mixing space from geometric capacity of agitator drum. Small inclined angle and low center of gravity help reduce possibility of truck turn-over.
Closed loop hydraulic system and hydraulic oil temperature controller. Accessories include Hydraulic plunger pump, adjuster mechanism with servo, hydraulic motor and planetary reducer.
Pneumatic water supply system, providing pressure by air tank on chassis with pressure protection devices. Water inlet connector fits for both normal water pipe and fire fitting.
3 fixed pipes for washing agitator drum and charging or discharging of hopper.

Structure Parameter Upper Structure Mass kg 4590
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 6925×2490×2795
P.T.O Type   Engine P.T.O
Water Supply Type   Air Pressure Type
Volume of Water Tank L 450
Air Tank Joint   M22×1.5
Drum Performance Parameter Agitator Capacity m3 8
Gradient of the Drum o 13
Max Speed of the Drum rpm 12กซ16
Charge Speed m3/min ≥4
Discharge Speed m3/min ≥3
Remnant Ratio of Discharging % ≤0.7
Range of Slump mm 50กซ210
Hydraulic System Pump   REXOTH Dextrorotatory A4VTG090 or others
Motor   REXOTH AA2FM80 or others
Gear Box   ZF P4300 or others
Hydraulic Circuit   Closed

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